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World War Related Places You Can Visit While Cycling

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Europe is full of history and there are hundreds of memorials in Europe that you can visit and learn about their history. We have many cycling holidays that while you are out on your daily cycle rides you can stop by or cycling to and learn about certain war-related places/memorials. Below are just a few which if you love your history you may find very interesting to visit.


Our Top 3 World War Related Places You Can Visit While Cycling

Normandy Landing Beaches

Normandy in the North of France was the scene of thousands of soldiers arriving by sea during the second world war. The date was the 6th June 1944 which was given the name D-Day. It was also the largest seaborne invasion in history and it contributed to the Allied victory on the Western Front. Our cycling tour stops by many cemeteries and historic towns which you can soak in the history. You will also have a chance to visit the famous Mont-Saint-Michel. For more information on our cycling holiday check out the tour page.


While on our Poland Cycling Holiday you can see Krakow which has a lot of war history which you can learn about. During the war, the Jewish population was ghettoized, and many were later murdered. There are two major concentration camps near Kraków, these are Płaszów and the extermination camp of Auschwitz. Many local Poles and Polish Jews were sent to these two concentration camps. Many people have heard of Auschwitz and the horrors that happened to the people while there. For more information on our Poland Cycling Holiday check out the tour page.

River Danube

On our River Danube tour, you can visit an old German concentration camp from the second world war when you pass through Mauthausen. Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp started as a single camp, however by 1940 Mauthausen had become one of the largest labour camp complexes in the German-controlled part of Europe. Like other Nazi concentration camps, the inmates were made to do slave labour under very difficult conditions which caused a lot of deaths. The main Mauthausen camp is now a museum that you can visit while on tour if you wish to. You can visit our River Danube tour page for details on our cycling tour.

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