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COVID 19 Information

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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), travellers, and the travel industry as a whole, have faced unprecedented challenges. We are aware you will have many questions about how this affects your plans. These resources may help, and you can also contact us about your specific trip.

Similar to the previous few years we plan to provide as much flexibility as possible to allow you to book a 2022 holiday with confidence knowing that if the situation should change you will be allowed to adjust your plans by moving your holiday to another date.

At Hooked on Cycling and Walking, we believe looking after our guests and staffs safety is of our paramount importance. We are therefore members of the UK’s Good to go Scheme and the European Safe Travels Scheme. These schemes give travellers the confidence that the company they are booking with or their accommodation providers have worked hard to follow their respective Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and have a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.


As Covid-19 spread throughout Europe, each country had its own planned approach. This consequently means that each of our trips is treated individually. Most trips were operational by the summer of 2020 again.

Our priority is, and will always be, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers, staff and partners.

We monitor the situation, which can change on a daily basis.

Now that the 2022 season is upon us we hope travel will be getting back to some kind of normal however should travel be disrupted again we will try to look out around 2-4 weeks to decide which tours might be affected.

Q – I have paid our holiday balance – but will our trip take place as planned.

If we find your trip cannot take place, we will contact you as soon as possible and offer you the choice of:

  1. Postponing your trip to a specific date any time before Dec 2022. There may be a price variance depending on season changes and changes in supplier’s costs.
  2. Postponing your trip to an unspecified date.
  3. Cancelling your trip and receiving a voucher for 100% of monies paid to use against a future trip.

Q – My holiday balance is due to be paid soon what are our options.

  1. Pay the balance by or on the due date, we offer a free reschedule up to 4 weeks before the trip commencement date as detailed above, our normal reschedule fees may apply.
  2. Reschedule the trip to a later date in 2022. Price fluctuations may apply due to seasonal changes, our normal reschedule feeds may apply.
  3. Cancel your trip with loss of deposit, please note our standard booking terms and conditions apply.

Q- My flight has been cancelled by my airline

In this situation, we cannot offer any refunds. Please see above what your options are depending on whether you have paid your holiday balance or not.

Many travel insurance policies now cover Covid related events so it is essential you take out travel insurance to cover yourself against these situations. Thank you for your continued patience during these unprecedented events. Our team are working extremely hard to respond to the volume of calls and emails we are experiencing. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience, and we will be in touch with everyone affected as soon as we can.


We closely monitor and follow Government travel advice via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office(FCO).  Our decision-making for customer travel will directly reflect both the FCO Advisory Levels and any change in UK Government advice will also change our approach.

We also closely monitor the World Health Organization (WHO) for information on Coronavirus itself, the global situation and tips for prevention.

Lastly, we are in regular contact with our partners on the ground who can provide local insight and relevant details pertaining to Hooked on Cycling and Walking trips.