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A Mini Guide To Exploring England By Bike

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Whether you’re a keen cyclist, newbie to exploring with your bike, or you don’t understand the appeal of cycling tours in England, making the most of the great outdoors and sharing the experience with others is a fantastic way to create lasting memories. England is known throughout the world for a host of scenic and historically interesting locations, so why not explore the country with Hooked On Cycling & Walking? Read on for your guide to cycling holidays throughout the 9 regions of England, with an abundance of gorgeous countryside locations, and bustling tourist hotspots.


Castles and cathedrals are the order of the day when it comes to discovering South-East England, and with Leeds Castle, Arundel Castle and Canterbury Cathedral all to admire, there are a host of reasons why the most populous region in the country is a fantastic option for an impromptu cycling trip.


Home to the famous Lake District, North-West England is a dream destination for those with a passion for bikes and uphill cycling. With a host of expansive and naturally stunning locations, embrace your surroundings with a pre-booked Summer tour of this mountainous region. Our exclusive package even includes 7 nights bed and breakfast.


Rich in culture, and famous for the accommodating nature of locals, North-East England squeezes plenty of stunning sights into 3,317 square miles of land. From the beachsides of Whitley Bay to the breathtaking Cheviot Hills, this region is the sensible choice for amateurs and experienced cyclists alike.


Though your perception of London may be that of a bustling metropolis, areas of Greater London area are surprisingly peaceful and quaint – somewhat of a hidden gem among the busy commute of the big city. Take in the views surrounding the RIver Thames with a waterside trip, and enjoy the fresh air with exhilarating downhill cycling.

East of England

The Suffolk Heritage Coast is recognised around Europe as one of the most naturally stunning locations on the continent – so let us treat you to a packed Itinerary of local activities and cycling-related events. Including historic market towns and winding woodland trails, Suffolk cycling holidays are affordable and comprehensive.


It couldn’t be easier to get around by bike in the West-Midlands, with plenty of routes to explore. Encompassing the cities of Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton, ‘The Black Country’ is home to Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield – one of the largest urban parks in Europe. Biking in England has never been more enjoyable.


With rolling hills around every corner, and a culture of hospitality, The South-West is a hub of farming and industry. Cotswolds tours from Hooked On Cycling & Walking are increasingly popular, and you can always go at your own pace when you book with us. Take a gentle trip through a region littered with postcard views and vibrant villages.

Yorkshire and the Humber

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is just one of many open areas of land within the county of Yorkshire, and you’re unlikely to get bored of the varied terrain and challenging inclines. Take a day out to visit the region’s world heritage sites, and you’ll soon realise why Yorkshire and the Humber is a favourite for cyclists around the country.


Relatively close to both London and Northern England’s most prominent locations, the East-Midlands is made up of cities including Leicester and Nottingham to name a couple. Consider the appeal of the Chatsworth House route, the diverse creatures found within the Woodside Nature Reserve, and much much more.

Not simply limited to biking in England, we’re proud to offer a range of comprehensive cycling and walking experiences across Europe. Whether travelling with friends, taking your family away, or going solo, forge a lifelong love of cycling with these memorable trips. Simply contact us today for more information – we would be delighted to help.

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