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Our Top 3 Castles To Visit in Scotland

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We have several cycling holidays in Scotland that you can enjoy a stop at a Castle for a break while cycling. Scotland is full of history and the scenery is stunning which is why it is a great country for a cycling holiday. Okay, it may not have the best weather but that is one of the reasons why Scotland is a great place to experience culture, history and of course the weather. Find below our top 3 castles that you can visit on our cycling holidays

Our Top 3 Castles to Visit

Image Credit to Blair Castle

Blair Castle
You can visit Blair Castle on our Lochs and Castles family tour. This castle dates back to 1269, and it has been transformed over time from it’s medieval beginnings to a Georgian mansion to what it has become today which is a Victorian castle. There are 30 rooms on display for you to discover the history of this beautiful castle. Blair Castle also has some picture-perfect gardens and beautiful landscapes that surround it. If you are bringing your children along then they will love the outdoor play area!

Image Credit to Scottish Viewpoint

Glamis Castle
Glamis Castle can be found on our Castle Crusade tour, this is a lovely castle that was the childhood home of HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. It was also the setting of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. Over the years there have been many changes to the castle. It first started off with a fortified wall that surrounded the whole castle. However, in the mid 18th century part of the wall was taken down to open up the grounds into open parklands. Glamis Castle looks like a fairytale castle and with its long driveway leading up to the castle gives you the impact needed to make it a lasting memory.

Daffodils at Floors Castle, Kelso
Picture Credit : Paul Tomkins / VisitScotland / Scottish Viewpoint

Floors Castle
If you are looking at a cycling holiday in the Scottish Borders then you will find Floors Castle of our Scottish Borders and Abbeys holiday. Floors Castle was built on the site of an existing building which was called the House of Floris, and it was originally just a Georgian Country House. However, between 1837 and 1847 the 6th Duke asked the well-known architect William Playfair to remodel the castle. This is now what you can see today; it is a very beautiful castle that stands out in the vast castle grounds for people to come to visit and learn about its history.

You can also find many more castles of our Scotland tours which you may also find of interest. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our cycling holidays.

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