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How To Handle Different Terrain When Mountain Biking

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Cycling is an extremely popular sport enjoyed by many around the world, from the smallest of riders to the elderly. While cycling typically sticks to routes and tracks already established, mountain biking will take you off-road onto rough terrain. For this, you will use a specially designed mountain bike that is optimized for off-road activity.

You can encounter lots of different terrains while on a mountain bike, so here is how to handle some different types of terrain.

Terrain For Mountain Biking In England

Dry Or Sandy

A dry trail is very common in England, especially in the summer, and can cause you to slow down or slide. Try to stay relaxed to help you react and slow down when making corners and you may find leaning a bit harder in the turns will help if it is slightly moist. Hard, dry trails may turn bumpy which can loosen your grip on the handlebars, so make sure you hold on tight!

Wet Or Muddy

First, off you should ideally avoid riding on wet or muddy trails as it can damage the trail! But sometimes you might suddenly come across a patch like this or otherwise can’t avoid it. In these situations you should use consistent strides to help avoid rear wheel spins, keeping this steady ride until your tread can find traction. Going downhill in mud can be very dangerous, so if possible dismount and walk down.

Snow Or Ice

If you come across ice, you should try to roll over the middle of it without pedalling, braking or leaning. You have more of a chance of losing control if you do any of these things. If the ice is particularly large, you may just want to dismount and walk it to be safe. In deep snow you should use the same techniques as when it is muddy, trying to keep a consistent and steady pedal.


Gravel can be tough to ride in as there is always the danger of the rocks puncturing your tires. Try to go slow as you reach areas of loose gravel and choose the clearest way through it.

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