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Five Must-See Sights To See in Italy On Foot

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Imagine yourself perched on Mount Etna: gravel, dirt and leaves crunching underneath your feet, filling your lungs with crisp fresh air and overlooking the spellbinding sight of Sicily below. There is nothing quite like the feeling of adventure outdoors and being one with nature – a mixture of excitement, anticipation and tranquillity.

Rich in history, food, art, architecture and stunning landscapes, it is no secret that Italy is a visual feast for the senses, which is why it is a popular destination for avid hikers and walkers. If you are thinking of booking a walking holiday for next spring or early autumn, but you are tentative, perhaps these five must-see sights will fully convince you to book a trip to Italy today.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

From picturesque Positano to stylish Sorrento, the UNESCO Amalfi Coast is a treasure trove of stunning towns, rocky ridges and turquoise crystal waters. After a long day of walking around scenic sites and traversing the difficult terrain, you can take a satisfying long-awaited dip in the Mediterranean sea, have a glass of pale Italian rosé and indulge on fresh seafood.

Dolomites Italy


Perfectly poised in North-Eastern Italy, the Dolomites are an imposing majestic site. Forming part of the Southern Limestone Alps and extending to the Piave Valley, this incredible landscape will certainly take your breath away. A stunning trekking city in every season, you can do a range of exciting recreational activities like wild swimming in lakes, climbing, rafting, mountain biking and skiing.

Hilltop Town in Tuscany


A romantic region in Italy favoured by holidaymakers, Tuscany is home to regal Italian villas, acres of vineyards, quaint medieval churches, the bustling cities of Florence and Pisa and another UNESCO heritage site of Val D’orcia. Tuscany is, therefore, the perfect place for hikers who want to fuse both true Italian culture of food, wine, art and history with a beautiful landscape.

Lake Garda

Italian Lakes: Garda and Como

We may have cheated a little here by including two of Italy’s most famous lakes in one. However, these scenic spots are an idyllic setting to unwind in front of after a long day of walking. Nestled in between sharp mountains and rolling hills, Lake Garda and Lake Como features historic Italian villas, ancient fortresses and crystal clear waters – an untainted landscape in the heart of North Italy.

Eolische Eilanden


If you are looking for rocky and arid terrain, why not choose Siciliy? A volcanic island off the coast of Italy’s toe, Sicily has a range of wild and unruly landscapes to be explored including Mount Etna, Aeolian Islands and the sprawling city of Palermo. This place is perfect for those who want to experience Southern Italy like a local.

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