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Preparing For The West Highland Way

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Many thousands of people tackle Scotland’s West Highland Way each year, so preparing for the West Highland Way is necessary! What can you do to prepare for the West Highland Way? Well, the West Highland Way (WHW) finds itself being tackled by beginners to the more experienced hikers. So let us tell you a few things to get you started on your West Highland Way journey.

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Our Tips For Preparing For The West Highland Way

Get Outdoors

You should look to aim to start your training at least 6 months prior to your start date. This means if you are a complete beginner you have time to get fitter and get some practice in. Start by going out for 30 min walks throughout your week. Keep increasing this time (when you feel comfortable) until you get to approx walks that are 4-5 hours in length. Although walks along the West Highland Way may take you longer than this, so if you have time you could increase the length if you feel it is required.

Change Terrain

The West Highland Way isn’t flat, so make sure you walk on varied terrain and up and down hills. You have Conic Hill, Devils Staircase and Mamore Ridge to tackle along your route from Milngavie to Fort William.

Wear Your Kit

We would suggest that you make sure you wear the boots you intend on walking in (and any kit especially if new) before you go. Then means you can check to see if they are comfy and if you are needing to change anything. Make sure you test out your backpack with your daily items in it too. If you feel anything is rubbing or is painful then make sure you get this altered before you head out on the trail.

It Isn’t A Race

You are not in a race, so make sure you find a walking pace that you are comfortable with. While walking the route you have all day to do the hike. Leaving you with 8-9 hours if you are leaving at 9 am and getting to your next destination at 6 pm. Here at Hooked on Walking, we have an 8-night West Highland Way which means the longest days walk is 15 miles. Even though this is our standard tour length we can book other options if you wish to go longer distances each day (just get in touch!).

Scottish Highland Dream

Book Your Luggage Transfers

When you book with us we take care of everything from accommodation (in a great selection of 3/4 star accommodation) to your luggage transfers. Booking your daily luggage transfers means you can just go out and enjoy your West Highland Way adventure with just your daily items on you, while we sort out everything else for you.

One Last Tip

Enjoy! You will be walking through some stunning Scottish scenery so make sure you take it all in (and take your camera!). Even if you don’t get good weather it is still a truly amazing walking trail to do.

You can read about Sammie’s time walking the West Highland Way on her WHW Hiking journey blog post.

If you are interested in tackling our 95 mile West Highland Way then contact us today as we would be happy to help!

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