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Head To Provence For A Great Walking Holiday!

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We have many popular walking destinations including France. With so many regions it can be difficult to decide where to book for your next walking holiday. Provence has some amazing landscapes including Mont Ventoux (famous for being a stage in the Tour de France) and you won’t be short of seeing the beautiful lavender fields of the region. So let us inspire you to pack your bags and head off to Provence for your next walking holiday.

Looking for a good reason to choose Provence as your next walking holiday?


You can learn more about the famous Côtes du Rhône Wines. Stroll through the vines in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Châteauneuf-du-Pape is without a doubt the most prestigious of the Rhône Valley’s wine-making villages. The best part about a tour is getting into the heart of the countryside: walking along farming tracks between vines of Grenache and Syrah, taking you past some of the village’s most fabled estates. And of course, a wine-tasting…

The Cuisine

You can visit the local markets and taste the delicious Provençal specialities for your daily picnics along the trails! We can inform you of the best places to get fresh goat’s cheese, charcuterie, quiche Lorraine, wine, olive oil and where to find the best baguettes. After your picnic along the trails, you can then stretch out on the thyme-laden hills, slip your backpacks behind your heads, and let the chant of cicadas soothe you into a sleep: SIESTA time.

Countless Opportunities To Explore

Following your roadbook, you will follow the hiking trails away from the crowds. You will receive practical information regarding the villages along the way, where to buy picnic fare, get the best bottle of wine & olive oil and our favourite addresses. We include our own selection of restaurants, wine estates, olive oil mills, and other places of interest and “must-sees” to visit. On top of that we also include historical & cultural information about the towns visited, monuments passed, as well as information about local plants and wildlife, geology, agriculture, and all sorts of other interesting topics along the way.

If our reasons make you want to explore Provence then we have 4 great walking holidays for you to choose from;  Provence and the Luberon National Park, The Alpilles and lastly our Cotes du Rhone walking holiday.

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