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What To Pack For Cycling In Scotland

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Whether you’re a cycling holiday expert or planning your first trip, it can always be a nightmare to think of exactly what to pack for your holiday. You may be a last-minute packer struggling to get everything done at the last second, or an expert planner writing out their checklist months in advance.

Whoever you are, read this guide from Hooked On Cycling about some of the key things you need to remember for your cycling holiday.

Clothes For Biking

You’ll ideally want to take a variety of biking outfits, so you don’t end up wearing the same gear every single day. You should try to dress for the weather, short sleeves are great for the summer but in the winter you may want to layer up with a gilet and long-sleeve jersey. Try to take items with good wicking properties, as this will help any sweat to be drawn away from your body.

Clothes For When You’re Not Biking

Even though you’ll be spending plenty of time cycling, there will also be downtime where you won’t be, so ensure you have extra clothes that you can wear for these times. After a long day of riding, you’ll probably want to wear comfortable clothes that won’t rub, letting you fully relax.

Local Maps

While in this modern era a lot of map work can be done online, it is always best to have some local maps with you in case of an emergency. Mobile phone signals can be slightly iffy at times, especially if your cycling tour is going to take you to more remote regions. So for these moments, you want to make sure you have a paper copy of a map just in case.


You’ll be spending a lot of time outside when on your cycling holiday, so the last thing you’ll want is a sunburn. This could make riding your bike very uncomfortable. So ensure you take plenty of sun cream’s and remember to keep putting it on throughout the day. Even if it isn’t sunny, the UV from the sun can still leave you with a burn that could be painful and ruin your holiday.

Cycling Tours In Scotland

Still in the holiday planning stage? Work with Hooked On Cycling for a range of amazing cycling holidays in Scotland, no matter what your ability is. We have self-guided tours that will take you all over the delightful landscapes, exploring lochs, islands and historic monuments as you go.

So give us a call today on 01506 635399 to find out more about our cycling tours. We don’t just offer tours in one location, with a variety of trips that can take you all across Europe.

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