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What To Pack On Cycling Tours In Spain

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If  you’ve had enough of this cold British weather and find yourself dreaming of sunny afternoons and warm evenings outdoors, a holiday is what you need. Often, the thought of a trip abroad is enough to warm your soul, but booking one is even better. Exploring new places is always a pleasure, and what better way to do so than on two wheels?

Of course, we’re talking about cycling holidays. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a cool breeze in your hair as you cruise along a country road or city street. One of our favourite destinations to cycle in Europe is, of course, sunny Spain. Known for its vibrant culture, incredible cuisine and breathtaking natural landscapes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

By this point, we’re sure you won’t need much convincing. After all, who can say no to the abundance of beauty Spain has to offer? Whether you’re off to the greenways of Catalonia or the Andalusian hills, you’re in for an experience of a lifetime. All that is left to decide is what you’ll pack.

Sure, you’ll need to remember the essentials; passport, health cards and a good book are must-haves. But what else will you need? This isn’t your standard poolside retreat after all. If you’re staring hopelessly at an empty suitcase wondering where to start, don’t fret. Here at Hooked on Cycling & Walking, we’ve got you covered.

From sun cream to shorts, read on to discover our guide to packing for cycling holidays in Spain.

In The Saddle

To start things , we thought we’d list those items that are absolutely essential for long days cycling. Comfort and practicality is top of the list for a biking holiday, so you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for anything.

Of course, the items you’ll need to bring will vary depending on location and your individual preferences. Below, we’ll talk through the kit that is needed, no matter your ability.

Padded Shorts

First things first, cycling shorts. Whether you’re relatively new to the world of cycling or a certified Bradley Wiggins, a good pair of shorts are a must. These will ensure you’re comfortable all day long and prevent any soreness in the evenings. We’d recommend investing in some padded cycling shorts for maximum comfort and practicality. These needn’t break the bank though; you should be able to pick up some good shorts for around £30. This is a worthwhile investment for guaranteed comfort!

Breathable Upper Wear

Next on our list is high-quality breathable upper wear. In a country like Spain, you’ll need to be ready for days cycling in the warm sun, so staying cool and comfortable is essential. Modern cycling jerseys are made using technical synthetic fabrics, with moisture wicking properties and stretchable construction to ensure you don’t overheat or become uncomfortable while out on a ride.


Following the theme of clothing, there’s nothing like a good pair of cycling gloves. These handy accessories (pardon the pun) are ideal for keeping hands dry and soaking up any sweat. Not only do they prevent your hands from slipping on the handle bars, but they also improve comfort by absorbing vibrations and cushioning your palms. Be sure to throw a pair in your suitcase; you’ll thank us later.

Outer Layers

One of the many reasons that Spain is a popular destination for cyclists is its warm climate. That said, the temperature can drop a little in the evenings. While you may not need a winter coat, a light outer layer is always a good idea. During the cooler months especially, a light cycling jacket makes the world of difference.


Let’s talk safety! Whether you’re nipping to the local cafe or heading out for the whole day, helmets are absolutely essential. We needn’t bore you with the multitude of benefits associated with a good helmet, just remember to pack one that is a good fit and comfortable!

A Bike

We know, this sounds obvious, but if you’re an avid cyclist, bringing your own bike can make a big difference. If not, don’t worry. We have plenty of bikes available to rent. Most of our tours are available with hybrid bikes, ideal for a range of terrains. On some, we have e-bikes, racing bikes and even tandems available, so be sure to check with us first!


Again, this might seem like an obvious choice, but bring footwear that is appropriate for long days pedalling. If you’re bringing your own bike with clip-in pedals, a good pair of clip-in cycling shoes are a great idea. That said, if you’ll be cycling on regular pedals, a comfortable pair of trainers are a great choice. What’s more, these will mean you don’t need to change shoes to explore off the bike.

Plenty Of Water

Last on our list of cycling must-haves is water. Though this might not be ‘kit’ as such, it is absolutely essential. Hydration is key to both safety and performance, so staying topped up on H20 is key. A good quality water bottle or cycling pack will ensure that a sip is always within reach.

Travel Essentials

With a good idea of the equipment you’ll need while cycling, let’s look at the items that are essential for travel in general. After all, you won’t be cycling all day and night, so packing for down time, evenings out and relaxation is equally important.


First up are health cards. Here in the UK, European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) have been replaced by Global Health Insurance Cards (GHIC), so you’ll need to make sure you have the right one before travelling. Don’t worry, these are free of charge.

If your old EHIC card is still within its expiry date, it is fine to use. However, it is well worth sorting yourself a GHIC card as it will make life a lot easier in future.


In addition to EHICs and GHICs, travel insurance is highly recommended. As with any activity-based holiday, there are risks involved, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. All guests on cycling holidays in Spain should have adequate holiday insurance to cover walking and cycling as well as cancellation or medical expenses.

Sun Cream

Talking of health and protection, sun cream is next on our list of holiday essentials. Long days cycling in the glorious Spanish heat sounds like something out of a dream, but getting burnt is far from ideal. To protect your skin from the dangers of UV exposure, be sure to take sun cream everywhere you go. Don’t worry, you’ll still come home with a great tan.

Comfortable Shoes

We’ve already covered the importance of good cycling shoes, but don’t forget the time you’ll spend walking too. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll to a local bakery or hiking in the hills, comfy footwear is a must. From sandals and flip-flops to walking boots and eveningwear, be sure to pack with time on foot in mind.


Nothing says ‘holiday in the sun’ digging out a pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re cycling the Majorcan coast, or taking a break from a bike tour in Seville on a golden beach, sunnies are a must. Not only will they stop glare from impacting your riding ability, but they’ll also keep you looking cool as a cucumber in all those holiday photos!


Last but certainly not least, make sure you pack swimwear. Sure, cycling might be the main purpose of your holiday, but there’ll be plenty of time for splashing around in the crystal clear Spanish sea as well. Swimming trunks, bikinis, towels, goggles or snorkels, you name it!

Spain & Majorca Cycling Holidays

If you’re yet to book a cycling holiday in Spain, now’s your chance! With beautiful architecture, breathtaking views and picturesque beaches, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention the mouth watering food!

Searching for the perfect cycling tour for family or friends, look no further. Here at Hooked on Cycling & Walking, we’re proud to offer self-guided cycling holidays across Europe. We’ll do the hard work, planning routes and accommodation. All you’ll need to worry about is packing your bags and getting there!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or requirements, we’re always happy to help.

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