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Why E-Bikes Are Helping People Get Outdoors

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E-Bike Holidays came onto the scene several years ago now and are a BIG hit with guests! They are giving people who wouldn’t necessarily go on a cycling holiday due to health reasons to get outside and enjoy a cycling holiday.

They also level the playing field across abilities for weaker riders in a group or couple, where one rider is stronger than the other, an e-bike can make the difference.

We have so many e-bike holidays available at Hooked on Cycling that the options to you are endless! Don’t think a cycling holiday is out of your grasp as an e-bike gives you that push you may need.

If you have been considering a cycling holiday, but are put off by not being fit enough or thinking  an Ebike will be too heavy for you, then read below on why e-bikes are helping people get outdoors at home and abroad

Why E-Bikes Are Helping People Get Outdoors

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Group Cycling

If like me you are not a strong cyclist, then an e-bike can help so much. My dads average speed is over 15 mph whereas I’m under 10 mph! So an e-bike gives me the chance to go out and cycle with other family members and not have to worry about keeping up.

Wine Versum Poysdorf

Ride longer distances

When I’m out cycling and not on my E-bike then I can probably do 20 miles at a push. However, on my ebike I can easily do 30+ miles if needed and not be too tired by the end of the cycling trip.

Man and Lady on an E-Bike cycling holiday

No longer heavy

The newer, more modern E-bikes have come on a lot since the first e-bikes. They now don’t weigh that much more than a normal hybrid/trekking bike. Manufacturers have been working hard to make E-bikes much lighter to give more people the option of being able to use one.

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Battery power longer

First-generation E-bikes only last 30-40km before the battery drained. More modern e-bike batteries now have a great range, over 100km on a single charge. However, you have to make sure you use the e-bike correctly. It is not a motorbike or scooter. It is not a case that you switch it on and you will go along. You HAVE to pedal just like any other bike. An e-bike is there to assist you, use the battery all the time and you will drain the battery. You must use it wisely by changing gears and using it in ECO mode etc. If going downhill, then turn it off to save the battery.

When using your e-bike correctly, it will be more efficient, and the battery will last much longer. Abuse the battery/motor then you may end up pushing your bike!

Don’t just think that e-bikes are there for people who have health problems, they can come in handy for any fitness level. An Ebike can make a cycling holiday much more fun…or even back home cycling and getting about.

While on our Danube cycling holiday back in 2017, we saw countless people zooming past us (Okay, we weren’t going that fast anyway), but even we were surprised with just how popular they are, even on such flat terrain.

An E-bike will make a cycling holiday much more enjoyable and you may find yourself well and truly Hooked!

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Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our e-bike holidays.

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