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5 Reasons To Book An E-Bike For A Cycling Holiday

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Are you wanting to go on a cycling holiday but unsure if you can keep up or cover the distance? Well, why not consider one of our many E-Bike holidays? We have many tours with e-bikes available, and not everyone in your group needs to book an E-Bike either. They are an enjoyable way to explore on a cycling holiday.

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5 Reasons To Book An E-Bike For A Cycling Holiday

Pedal With Some Help

You may not be up to full fitness due to various reasons but an E-Bike will certainly give you a helping hand. As you pedal you can adjust just how much “push” it will give you.

Keep Up With The Rest Of The Group

There will be no need to worry about being left behind or keeping your group behind. You can enjoy your cycling holiday together and explore the beautiful surroundings as a group.

Distance A Little Daunting?

If you want to do a cycling holiday but the distance seems a little to far than an E-Bike is a great choice. Most E-Bikes when used correctly can cover 30+miles on one charge. Head across to our E-Bike page to see what holidays are available.

Get Active

Another reason to book this type of bike for a cycling holiday is the fact that you are still being active. Keeping yourself fit and healthy has its benefits and they can also be a great choice for a bike back home too.

Have Fun

Instead of being uncomfortable and struggling to get the miles done. Your E-Bike will mean you are able to relax and enjoy your cycling holiday. Which is just what you need on a cycling holiday.

If you are interested in booking an E-Bike for your next cycling holiday then check out our tours and our E-Bike FAQs to get more information. If you have any other questions then just get in touch and we would be happy to help


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      Hi Wendell, most of our tours are self guided so the average speed and pace is whatever you wish to go at. If you are on a guided trip then normally they cycle at the pace of the slowest rider. Regards Sammie

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