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The Benefits Of Choosing A Cycling Holiday In England

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When imagining an enjoyable family holiday or fitness-focused break away, you’re unlikely to immediately focus on England specifically. Though a fortnight in Portugal may seem a more intriguing prospect, or the well-regarded cycle trails of France, you may be missing a hidden gem by writing off England completely. Boasting some of the most serene views on the continent, and with cycling routes to satisfy all demographics, there are plenty of reasons to keep England in mind for your next mini-break, which we’ll look at in more detail throughout this article.

Let Hooked On Cycling & Walking provide the details surrounding some of our most popular routes, including journey specifics, benefits of remaining local, as well as some of the most iconic sites you can expect to encounter while travelling the region with your nearest and dearest. Let’s jump right in!

Remaining Local

When booking a break, some people understandably aren’t too keen on travelling far. Be it a willingness to remain local, particular fondness of English locations or simply ticking off another setting you’ve yet to visit, our shores have plenty to offer. Biking in England is a pastime hinging on experiences, and there are no shortage of memorable locations and activities if you’ve yet to familiarise yourself with the breathtaking spots we’ve included on our itineraries.

As you’ll know if you’ve visited the coast, one of England’s many stunning market towns or any of the nation’s World Heritage Sites, the country has so much to offer to visitors and residents alike. Amid the lush green spaces, forests, and woodlands, not only England but the whole of Great Britain has some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet -, much of it with particular historical significance.

Fun For The Family

Don’t feel boxed in by the nature of a cycling holiday – these aren’t solo affairs or exclusively for keen competitive cyclists. Travelling via bike is a great way to connect with those around you, reinforcing relationships and allowing you to take in some true bucket list experiences alongside your loved ones. Each of our cycling breaks are assigned a difficulty rating and include full details of all locations – so you can make an informed choice before booking. We look to make our family cycling tours as accessible as possible, with fun for young and old.

Financially and from a timing perspective, holidaying in England could prove to be a masterstroke. When booking an English cycling break, you won’t just save time by avoiding travelling long distances across the globe – you’ll also get to enjoy more of your holiday by not waiting around at airports before and after flights. Likewise, if you don’t have that holiday allowance at work or need to be back on a particular date, these shorter journeys guarantee you won’t lose time or sleep to jet lag either.

Take In The Sights

Taking in some of the most beautiful sights the nation has to offer is just part and parcel of the role, and you can benefit from stunning far-reaching views, marvellous close-up tours and more. Our range of English cycling holidays is always expanding, with further information found below on our more popular spots:

The Cotswolds

Bring your binoculars for one of our self-guided cycling tours, which passes through The Cotswolds and Shakespeare country, allowing plenty of exploration in the process. Over a duration of 7 days and nights, this Level 2 difficulty tour provides an unmissable chance to step back in time, within a region where many towns retain their Tudor character.

Rolling hills and meadows span the South-West, Central and South-East England, meaning there’s no end to the picturesque locations, ideal for a young family going on their first cycling holiday.

Hadrian’s Wall

Two of our unmissable cycling tours at Hooked On Cycling & Walking feature Hadrian’s Wall as a location to visit, and whether you decide to go the road cycling route, or favour the slower pace of country cycling, you’ll get a chance to see one of England’s most beloved landmarks with your very own eyes.

Marching 73 miles from coast to coast, Hadrian’s Wall was built to guard the wild north-west frontier of the Roman Empire, and within this fantastic cycling experience, you can cycle alongside some of the most iconic areas surrounding this historic locale.

The Lake District

The Lake District is one of the nation’s most beloved tourist locations, with plenty to explore, and some iconic trails to discover via bike. 7 Nights long and a slightly more difficult experience, coming in at Level 4, travelling by road can offer a competitive and challenging experience, all while taking in some remarkable postcard-perfect views.

This biking vacation in northern England will allow you to experience by race bike the English Lake District, the Pennine Hills and the Scottish – English Border. Pricing includes 7 nights bed and breakfast in 3 or 4 star hotels, guest houses and country inns, so you can recharge your batteries for even more adventure.

Prioritising Fitness

A holiday doesn’t need to be all about lounging around, eating and relaxing – you could have just as much of an enjoyable trip staying on top of fitness, feeling that adrenaline rush as you race down hills and speed down country lanes early in the morning. As you probably know, cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout – providing plenty of short and long-term benefits to whoever is participating.

Though only an overview, the health benefits of cycling include:

  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • increased muscle strength
  • decreased stress levels
  • improved posture
  • decreased body fat levels
  • Prevention of disease

Hooked On Cycling & Walking: Assorted Cycling Breaks In England

At Hooked On Cycling & Walking, we are proud to offer a diverse range of cycling holidays and guided walking tours around Europe. Designed to suit everyone, you’re bound to enjoy your time away – whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the outdoor world, or an experienced cyclist on the hunt for a thrill. We have a great range of tours offering superb value for money, with locations as diverse as the snowy hills of Switzerland, and the sun-soaked pavements of the Spanish coast.

Constantly looking for ways to improve our offering, we operate a fleet of quality 24-speed hybrid bikes, tandems and race bikes on Scottish and English tours. Providing bikes that we regard highly as the best rental options  available in the UK, you can alternatively choose from 21-speed hybrids or 27 speed super light racing cycles for our other European destinations, with, full details available on request. Contact today for a full itinerary, or to ask any pressing questions.

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