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If you are wondering whether or not to book yourself and your family a holiday then why not consider an activity holiday like a cycling holiday. No more sunbeds and sitting on the beach all day, get your family on their bikes and have a new type of adventure! We have a dedicated family section on our website where you can check out all our family-friendly cycling tours.

Family Cycling Holidays

We have a number of family-friendly holidays available from you to choose from including Scotland, France, and Spain. All the accommodation has been picked because they are family-friendly so you will know you will be staying in the best places for your family. So why should you choose a cycling holiday for your next adventure?

Low Traffic Roads

We have chosen our family-friendly cycling holidays because they are on either dedicated cycle paths or on low traffic roads. This is great for everyone involved as you will know your children will be safe, without cars zooming past them.

Children’s Bikes

Every tour in our family-friendly section has children’s bikes, child seats and even trailers available to hire. So you will be safe in the knowledge that a suitable bike will be available if your child can cycle or not.

Things to See & Do

All our itineraries are different so please check them all out. Some offer rest days where you can travel to somewhere nearby for a day out, or just relax at the hotel for the day. Others have places to stop and visit on the route so you won’t be continuously cycling all day. Along the routes, there may be places to stop and let your children have a rest, though stones in the lake, go to a park or just sit and have a drink.

If you need any help in choosing your next family holiday then please get in touch as we would be happy to help

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