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Kinderdijk Windmills in Holland

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On our new cycling holiday in Holland, you will be able to visit the Kinderdijk Windmills. Cycling in Holland is always great for any level of ability as Holland is pretty much made for cyclists! If you are looking for a first cycling holiday then Holland is perfect. Our new cycling holiday takes in some great cities and you will be able to explore the Kinderdijk Windmills too.

Kinderdijk Windmills in Holland

The windmills at Kinderdijk consist of 19 windmills. You definitely won’t want to miss this opportunity to explore them. You can explore the area around the windmills for free, and cycle up and down the cycle path near to the windmills. However, if you wish to go inside the 2 windmills and the visitor centre to learn more about the history, then there is a small fee. This is very worthwhile in our opinion.

If you do pay for entry then in the visitor centre you will be able to watch a video about the area and history. You can then make your way to Museum Windmill Nederwaard, where you can climb up the ladders to the top of the windmill. Learning about how the family lived and worked in the windmill, you will also still inhale the air of the 50’s. You will be able to see their living conditions and where all 12 children slept.

Next stop is Museum Windmill Blokweer, this is a working mill which has been converted into a museum. Again you can go inside and explore and make sure you have your camera ready for the many photo opportunities you will be able to capture.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding our cycling holidays, then please do get in touch. Check out our video below to see how beautiful the Kinderdijk Windmills are.

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  1. Jeff

    You’re definitely right – Holland is the world’s #1 cycling destination! To tell the truth, I’ve never ventured that far South and usually just stick to Amsterdam which I must say has some pretty amazing cycling infrastructure. The windmills look nice though and I can just imagine how clean the air is out there! Thanks for the share, might have to add Kinderdijk to my bucket list 🙂

    1. Sammie

      Thank you for your comment Jeff. Holland is a lovely place, you definitely need to add Kinderdijk to your bucket list. Its a great place to explore.

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