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The Must-See Locations During Cycling Tours In England

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England has some of the most impressive and beautiful countryside in Europe which explains why the nation attracts so many visitors every year. In 2022 alone over 35 million tourists visited the country to either explore our towns and cities or to see the English countryside with their own eyes. Clearly, then, this country really is one of the best places to visit in the world so what are the best locations to go on a cycling holiday? In this blog, we’ll give you a few ideas for your next trip so you can make the most of your holiday.

What to take on a cycling trip

Aside from the obvious bike and helmet which are, at times, provided by the holiday organiser, there are a few other things which you might want to bring along on your trip. The fact is that long action-packed holidays like this will require you to have a fair amount of gear so you can get stuck in every day. You may also want some home comforts and technology to help you remember the trip. The fact is that you will want to be having fun and to have fun you will need the right gear. So, check out this quick list we’ve made of your must-pack items.


Yes, we know that in 2023 all of your phones have cameras but sometimes nothing beats a good old-fashioned handheld camera. After all, this will allow you to take a break from the stresses of your phone and internet connection while still giving you the opportunity to take photos. You might also want to explore the possibilities of photography on your trip and learn a new skill. If so then perhaps you should purchase a small film camera instead so you can have some physical copies of your trip at the same time! Certainly, a camera is a great item to pack in your bag.

High energy snacks

There is no question that cycling trips can be hard work physically. After all, this kind of activity is a sport in its own right and certainly pushes your muscles and stamina. So, to keep your body going you should take a few things with you that will keep your energy going throughout the day. Small energy bars and protein snacks are some of the best high-energy foods that you can take so make sure to pack a fair amount of these for your trip. What’s more, they don’t even take up much room so you won’t be sacrificing bag space.


Unfortunately, even in the height of summer, you can never truly rely on England to give you a blistering sun all of the time. So, you should make sure that you pack a raincoat for those occasional showers which sometimes fill the sky. You won’t need to bring a thick coat if your trip is in the summer months but a small lightweight rain jacket would certainly be a wise decision. You may not even have to use it but having that insurance is always a good idea for long cycling trips around the English countryside. So, what else might you need?

Lots of socks

Cycling is, as you might expect, a physically challenging activity at times and there will be no doubt that on a few occasions, you will break a sweat. Staying clean and dry is critical on these trips as you will want to be comfortable and happy so you can enjoy the views and the activities and views. So, as cycling is a sport that uses your legs the most you should ensure that you pack around two pairs of socks for each day. This will mean that after your day of cycling, you can change into a fresh pair of clean socks.

Puncture repair kit

You should first check if your holiday provider gives you these when you start the trip but if not then a puncture repair kit is vital. The last thing that you will want on your trip is to get slowed down by a picture or an issue with your tyre. While these circumstances are rare they do happen and fixing them is easy if you have the right equipment. With a puncture repair kit, you will be back on the road in no time to enjoy the weather and the scenery. So, buy an up-to-date modern puncture repair kit for your next cycling trip.

Places to visit in England

England is, unquestionably one of the most beautiful nations in Europe and arguably the world. There are thousands of square miles of countryside that feature rolling hills, dramatic mountains, huge lakes and enchanting wildlife. All of this incredible scenery is bolstered by fantastic travel links and brilliant accommodation. Ccertinally, all of this makes England one of the go-to destinations for any cycling enthusiast. What’s more, while the weather may be a touch unreliable, the people certainly are not. So, what are some of the key locations that you have to visit? Check out our list of national parks and specific counties or locations in this next section.

The Lake District

The lake district is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful areas of the entire world. The landscape was formed during the ice age and features some incredible mountains and dramatic lakes. Situated in the North West of the country above the well-known city of Manchester the travel links to this part of the country are very reliable you will have no trouble finding your way there. When you arrive in the Lake District there are plenty of places to stay from amazing five-star hotels to beautiful campsites set in outstanding scenery. Certainly, this is one of the true gems of the English countryside.

Land’s End

Land’s End is situated on the far South-West coast of England and the Great British Isles. This area marks the most westerly point in England. The area is famed for its stunning natural beauty and jaw-dropping cliff faces. Though to cycle around there is nowhere better. The hills, while moderate in size, still boast incredible views of the sea and surrounding landscape and the tracks and roads are brilliantly maintained. There are also a host of hotels and campsites to choose from as well as some breathtaking restaurants and pubs that overlook the English Channel and Celtic Sea.

The Peak District

This is another mountainous area in England that is well known for its climbing and hiking. The scenery around the peak district really is incredible with large cliff faces and imposing mountains. Certainly, when it comes to views, this area of the country will not let you down. Though there are a few other reasons to visit this place on a bike. The Peak District is well known for hosting many stages of the Tour of England bike race every year which welcomes some of the world’s best road cyclists to compete in a multi-stage cycle race. This means the roads are brilliantly maintained and a joy to ride on.

The Cotswolds

Located in the South-West of England The Cotswolds is a large area of stunning natural beauty and classic British rolling hills. Some of the views around this area are world-famous and will create a relaxing feel for your trip. This area is famed for its good food which will make it a great spot for your cycling tour. After a long day of pedalling, you will be able to relax in a great restaurant and enjoy some classic British food. What’s more, pubs in this area are great as well so if you like a beer or a glass of wine then this is your place!

Certainly, the UK offers some of the best cycling in Europe and England alone has some of the most beautiful areas of the entire Island. We have only named just a few of the places in this blog that you might want to visit having missed out some fantastic spots like The Yorkshire Dales and The Jurassic Coast. So, if you want to have a look into a cycling holiday then here at Hooked on Cycling & Walking we can help. Make sure you contact our friendly team today to find out more.

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