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Things To Consider Before Booking Your Next Cycling Holiday

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Are you trying to decide where you should go on your next cycling holiday? Are you struggling to decide what country you should discover next or whether to go back to the same country you have already visited? Then, why not read our tips below on things to consider before choosing your next cycling holiday. If you are still looking for help, then why not give us a call or send us an email and we will try our best to give you advice on where may be best to go.

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Things To Consider Before Booking Your Next Cycling Holiday

What time of year?

First things first do you have set dates to work with or are you flexible? Some countries may be better than others depending on the time of year. It can be pretty dangerous to cycle in the summer heat which is why some countries you can’t book during July and August. Your safety comes first, so we make sure the tours are at their best.

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If you don’t mind cooler temperatures, then a cycling holiday that is available offseason could be a better choice. You may also find some cycling holidays available in the winter months or early season.

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What level cycling holiday to choose?

Have you been on a cycling vacation before? If not, then a level 1, level 1-2 or level 2 holiday would be better if you haven’t been away on a cycling holiday before. These tend to be our easy cycling holiday to easy-moderate cycling holidays. You may find some of these ideal if you are looking for a family cycling holiday too.

If you are more experienced, then a 2+ holiday can be a great choice especially if you have been on one of our cycling holidays before. We also have a wide range of sporting holidays or cycling tours where you can ride road bikes.

Why not check out our tour selector so you can see what levels we have on offer in each country.

For some further reading why not read our blog post about how fit do you need to be for a cycling holiday.

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Self Guided or Guided?

After 20 years in business, we have found that are self-guided tours are the most popular with our guests. We do how have some guided cycling holidays if any of these are of interest to you. Included in these guided cycling holidays we have some great bike and boat holidays which are normally guided and also some great sporting tours. Guided cycling holidays are great if you are looking to have the security of a local guide who knows the routes and region. You can also make some new friends with the rest of the group and speak with like-minded people while on holiday.

If you are looking for more information on any of our cycling holidays, then please just get in touch.

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