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Tips For Cycling This Winter

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As autumn is coming to an end and winter is starting to kick in, then cycling may go off your radar. However, if you want to keep training over the winter season then it is possible. Why not check out our top tips for winter cycling below.

Our Tips For Cycling This Winter


Cold and wet weather is never great, however, if you wrap up in the correct gear then you will be able to go out and about. Make sure you invest in the correct gear; thermals, cycling jacket, gloves, biblongs, overshoes etc. To keep warm you need to have lots of layers. This means each layer traps air between them, which then adds extra warmth for you. Make sure your base layer is high wicking to keep your sweat away from your skin.


Make sure your bike has lights on the front and rear. Invest in a good set of rechargeable LED lights that are bright. These will make sure road users will see you on dark and/or gloomy days.


No one wants a wet rear end from spray so make sure you add some mudguards to your bike. If you are out cycling in a group make sure the person you ride behind has them to, otherwise keep well away or you will end up covered from their bike.

Winter Bike

Some people have a dedicated winter bike which they have equipped with winter tyres, mudguards, lights etc. This means your summer bike can take a well-earned rest and have a maintenance check before Spring comes.

Be Prepared

Make sure you are checking the weather before you leave. You don’t want to be cycling in icy conditions or snow. Plan your route in advance and tell people the route you intend to take if going out by yourself. Also, take a charged phone with you in case of any emergencies.

If the weather is against you this winter then you could always go on the turbo instead. There is no need to stop cycling this winter! Enjoy!

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