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Top Regions To Visit If You Love Wine

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We have many walking holiday; some explore mountainous areas, others are down in the valleys and some, well, they are great if you love wine! There are a number of countries that have regions that are well known for their wine. You will find below our most popular walking holidays where you can explore many beautiful regions and enjoy the wine they have on offer!

Top Regions To Visit If You Love Wine

Regions in Italy


The Piemonte region is in the North West of Italy, and this is where you will find our Barolo Wine Trails Walking Holiday. Here you can find some of the best wines like Barolo and Barbera. Both are red wines and are well known in the region. The region is also top choice for people who love their food. With a  variety of cheese, preserved meats, refined pastries and chocolates that are exported the world over. This sounds like the perfect tour to us! Our tour goes from Alba to Cortemilia.


Chianti wine is probably one of the best-known wines and is produced in the area between Florence and Siena. Our Tuscany Chianti walking holiday is available as a 4 or 7 night holiday where you can explore the towns and villages around Florence and Siena. With the beautiful countryside and see the ancient-looking buildings as you walk along the scenic daily walks.

Regions in France


Bordeaux Wine Trails

Bordeaux wine is among the finest in the world. You will find the wines through Gironde from your tables wines to your more expensive prestigious wines. Our Level 1 walking holiday called Bordeaux Wine Trails is great for all abilities and you will explore the varied landscapes in this region. You can even enjoy a guided visit of Saint Emilion and learn from the experts about the wines.



Alsace Wine

The Alsace wine, also known as Alsatian wine is produced in the Alsace region in France and is primarily white wine. Our Alsace Wine Walking Holiday starts in the town of Wissembourg which is just north of Strasbourg. Once you have arrived you can then explore the area over 7 nights and enjoy the wines with your evening meals.

Regions in Spain

Wine Trails of the Priorat

Our Wine Trails of the Priorat is an easy 6-night walking holiday that follows the trails through the villages, which were made famous for the local wines. Enjoy some visits to the local wineries and sample some of the local wines. The ever-changing scenery also makes this a visually pleasing region to enjoy while you are walking.

Regions in Austria

Danube River Landscape

Wine Along The Danube

Our Wine Along the Danube tour explores the Wachau region, which is a wine region close to Vienna. Some of the best wines of Austria are grown here, which makes it an ideal walking holiday if you love wine. This walking holiday can be enjoyed through the seasons as it is continually changing the look of the region.

If you want to know more about any of our tours above then check out the individual tour page (click the links) or get in touch.

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