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Our Top 3 French Castles To Visit

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On our walking holidays, we have a number of them in France that you can explore Castles during your daily walks. Every time we head off to France we always make sure we visit a Castle or Chateau. Over the years we have visited many great castles, some that unfortunately are not on our tours but here are our top 3 for you, which you can find on our walking holidays.

Our Top 3 French Castles To Visit While On Our Walking Holidays

Chateau Chenonceau

This Chateau is probably one of the more famous of the Loire Valley. It has been built on top of the river and gives you many great photo opportunities. It also has very pretty gardens for you to walk around and explore. Inside there are beautiful portraits on the walls and King François I bedroom looks like it has gold walls. The chapel that is inside the castle has beautiful stain-glassed windows which stand out against the stone walls. The second fall you can explore  Louise of Lorraine’s bedroom with its black walls and a beautiful 4 poster bed. This is definitely a chateau not to be missed. You can visit this castle of our Loire Valley Walking Holiday.

Château Villandry

If you love gardens then you will not be disappointed with this castle. It has 5 gardens for you to explore;  the vegetable garden, the garden of fountains, the ornamental garden, the garden of medicinal plants, and the labyrinth. The colours were so vibrant when we visited that I can still picture the gardens even now. Inside you will find a variety of Spanish paintings and 18th-century furniture. Exploring this beautiful castle especially the gardens will make you not want to leave. You can also visit this castle of our Loire Valley Walking Holiday.

Castle Fenelon

Chateau Fenelon is a beautiful castle (it has a different look from the 2 Loire Chateaux above) and sits on a rocky promontory. It is surrounded by a triple wall and terraces, situated above the village of Saint Mondane which is between Sarlat and Souillac. This castle originally dates back to the 13th century, however, the castle that you see today is more from the 16th century. The rooms are also filled with the beautiful antique furniture that you rarely see these days. There is no guide but you can get translation sheets in English which explain the history. You also get great views over the area, so remember to take your camera. You can visit this castle on our Dordogne Dream Walking Holiday.

Have you ever visited a French Chateau? If so, which one was your favourite?

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