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Top 3 Sporting Holidays

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We don’t just cater to the leisure cyclists we also have several great sporting cycling holidays for the more experienced cyclists or people looking for a challenge. You can find all of our sporting holidays on our Sporting Cycle Tours page. Our tours are spread across a number of countries including Austria, Germany, Italy and the UK. Nearly all our sporting tours have graded either level 3 or level 3-4 with the odd couple graded at a level 4. You can read about our grading system on the following page.

Our Top 3 Sporting Holidays

Marche Cycle Resort

Staying in a beautiful 4 star hotel close to the beach you can get to enjoy the use of the hotel facilities including use of the swimming pool, small gym, sauna and spa pool. You will explore the local area on your daily self led cycle rides. You will also get to explore on your bike historic hilltop villages, beautiful scenic roads, explore the local castles and stop to sample wine and local produce. This is a great 7 night holiday which you will cycle and relax. Read more on the Marche Cycle Resort tour page.

Cyclists resting by lake

Salzburg by Road Bike

Our Salzburg by Road bike cycling holiday so graded as a level 3. Salzburg is a beautiful city full of history and architecture and is a city not to be missed. Leaving Salzburg you will have to cross over mountain passes, some of these are small but other demand some level of fitness. If you love mountain scenery and want to cycle on small side roads, cycle trails and sometimes small sections on larger roads then this could be the cycling holiday for you. Read more on our Salzburg by Road Bike tour page.

Lake Constance by Road Bike

Lake Constance is located between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For this level 3 graded cycling tour, you will have mostly flat terrain but if you wish to cycle into the Swiss mountains then there will be a challenging ascent to cycle up. You get to cycle through beautiful towns and villages and you even get to visit great attractions like the famous Rhine Waterfalls. Surrounded by lovely picture-perfect landscapes this is a great option for your next sporting cycling holiday. Read more about our Lake Constance by Road Bike here

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