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Walking Holiday Inspiration

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If you are wondering where to go on your 2021 walking holiday then why not check out our options below. These walking holidays below are our top choices for places to explore in 2021!

Walking Holiday Inspiration


Our Western Lapland walking holiday explores mostly the  PallasYllästunturi National Park. You will be left amazed by the outstanding beauty and will want to return time and time again. On top of the beauty that you will see, you will also see the wildlife including Reindeer! Enjoy the midnight sun and get your boots on to come and explore this wonderful place!


Apulia (Puglia) is a region that has been little explored over the years by tourists. However, it is now becoming more and more popular. So if you want to explore before the crowds get there, then have a look at our Apulia walking holiday. Rich in history and culture this tour is not to be missed.

Hiking in the Black Forest

Black Forest

Known for being one of the most beautiful hiking regions, our level 2-3 Black Forest walking holiday will leave you with lasting memories. You will also see Lake Schluchsee which is a reservoir lake where you can enjoy the peacefulness of the area.  If you are looking for panoramic views then this walking holiday is the one for you.

Austria hiking

Austria World Heritage Sites

Starting to the beautiful city of Salzburg you can explore on foot. You will see lovely mountain scenery and see some great UNESCO world heritage sites. From the Salzkammergut region, you will then make your way to the Wachau. Here you will explore Dürnstein, Krems and finally ending your walking holiday in the beautiful city of Vienna. Check out our walking holiday covering these UNESCO sites.

Athens and Poros and Hydra

Exploring Athens on your arrival day is a must before you transfer to the Island of Poros. On Poros, you will 2 walks to do before you move onto the gorgeous island of Hydra. On Hydra, you have 4 walks to do where you can explore this car-free island in peace and quiet. Check out our Athens, Poros and Hydra Walking Holiday for more details.

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