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What To Carry In Your Day Pack?

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On all our walking holidays in Europe and the UK, you have included in your holiday price, door to door luggage transfers to your overnight accommodation. This means you don’t need to be carrying all your luggage on your daily walks. So, with your main luggage sorted, what should you take with you while you are out during the day?

First up, you are going to need a hiking backpack. Normally a 20l to 30l backpack should be ample for your day pack. This means you should be able to carry exactly what you need for your time in the great outdoors. We have found what people take with them differs from person to person. However, here are just a few suggestions from us for your next walking holiday.

What To Take With You In Your Hiking Backpack?

Food and Water

We would suggest that you are always best carrying enough food and water with you while out. Some days there might not be any places to stop to have lunch or a snack (check your itinerary for your days walk description before you set off). If you go prepared with enough water and food then you will be able to keep on top of your energy levels. There is nothing worse than running out and there still being a few miles to go.

If you like a certain type of snack or you enjoy energy bars, then make sure you take some with you in your suitcase. You can then top up each evening before your next days walk.

We also like using a small portable seat, which is very useful if it is wet or the ground is hard. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in your day pack either.

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First Aid Kit

For the just case scenario, you would hope not to use it but again best to have one with you. If you fall over and injure yourself while out hiking, then you will have basics with you for cuts etc. Always make sure your first aid kit is stocked regularly if you do happen to use anything out of it. Also, make sure you have enough for each person in your party if you are only taking one first aid kit. An emergency shelter may worth be taking too if you are going into a remote area and/or mountainous regions.

Spare Clothing

Depending where you are going and what your route entails, you are best taking extra layers with you. Weather can change and you don’t want to be caught out and get cold. If you are also out and there may be a chance of rain then make sure you take a rain jacket with you. Quick-dry clothing can come in very handy in a sudden downpour; it can be expensive to buy, but well worth the money if you tend to go on regular hikes or walking holidays.

Dry Sack

Dry sacks can come in pretty handy especially if your bag is not waterproof or you don’t have a waterproof cover for your bag. All you need to do is pop all your essentials in your dry sack and insert into your rucksack. Items should stay dry, which means you won’t end up with soggy sandwiches or wet clothes. You could have one the same size as your backpack, and a smaller one for items like phone, wallet, camera etc.

Looking for more information, then you can check out our tips for while out hiking. We also have our must-haves for while out hiking.

If you would like some more information on our walking holidays then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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