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Why The River Danube Is Also Perfect For Families

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Our River Danube cycling holiday is a very popular tour. We have mostly couples and groups taking part. However, it is also suitable for families. Our youngest cyclist to cycle on their own rented bike has been 8 years old.  We have also had younger children who have been on a Follow Me Bike or in a child seat. My boys were 6 and 2 when we cycled from Passau to Vienna and they loved the experience. Here are some reasons why we think it is perfect for families.

Why The River Danube Is Also Perfect For Families

danube cycle track

It’s Pretty Flat!

With hardly any climbs worth mentioning, each cycling day is pretty flat. Cycling along by the river you won’t encounter long, steep hills. One of the only steep hills we encountered was up to St. Florian Monastery. This is a detour to see the Monastery which you don’t have to do. If worse comes to worst then you can just walk up the hill and push your bikes.

Cycle ways along the Danube

Cycle Ways

When your route is planned correctly then you will find 95% of the tour is on cycle lanes or paths. You may also encounter country roads where you may come across the odd car but drivers are very considerate to cyclists. This means it is great for children as they can cycle along without being on very heavily trafficked roads.

St Florian Abbey

Places To Stop Along The Way

With kids in tow, it is best to stop as often as you can. Along the way, you will come across towns where you can stop and explore. There are also parks for them to run about in and playgrounds too. There are also several attractions along the Danube like the Mini Danube (extra cost) or Monasteries to go inside.

Young child cycling along the danube

Added Freedom For Kids

If you have older children, then they could cycle off in front for a while (providing you trust them etc) They can then meet up with you in a designated meeting point. You will know they are going to be safe as from using the map book you will be able to see if the route you are on is the main cycle path with no traffic or cycle lanes near to roads. It is also great for children to be cycling on their own bike as they will have their own independence.

Cycle Together

When on the cycle paths you have to ability to cycle together, chat together and enjoy each others company. Which is pretty important when cycling as a family.

young toddler in a bike trailer


We have children’s bikes available, but also child seats, trailers and follow me to hire. This means younger children can still join the fun and enjoy a family cycling holiday too.

If you are thinking of a family cycling holiday then make sure you consider our Passau to Vienna cycling holiday. It is such an enjoyable experience.

If you have any other questions then just get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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