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Why You Should Consider Cycling Holidays in Spain

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As the Vuelta a España begins this August, one of the highlights of the iconic bike race is the idyllic views of Spain seen throughout the tour. From mountain passes en route to LaGuardia in Northern Spain to less undulated riding throughout Seville in the south of the country, it is easy to see why Spain is such a popular destination for cycling holidays.

One of the main considerations if you are planning a cycling holiday is to choose the right level of difficulty. For many cyclists it is important that the route is challenging whilst still remaining manageable. The variety of routes available throughout Spain makes it an attractive destination for cyclists of all abilities, combining rewarding and memorable routes with unforgettable scenery.

Whether you choose to explore the Catalonia cycleways or challenge yourself by taking on the Cols of the Pyrenees, booking your trip with a tour operator can provide a cost-effective option allowing you to focus on the cycling experience. Self-guided tours are often a popular option, with directions and route maps provided by your tour operator allowing you to take the trip at your own pace.

Read more for some further information on the main reasons why you should consider cycling holidays in Spain.

Unforgettable Scenery

When choosing a destination for your next cycling holiday, whether as a beginner or advanced rider, breathtaking views and scenery are a must. The contrasting landscapes, architecture and scenery throughout Spain provides a fantastic range of options to choose from when deciding on your next holiday. Overall, cycling holidays provide a perfect balance, covering ground quickly whilst allowing enough time to slow down and take in the scenery.

Whilst some advanced riders opt for cycling tours as an opportunity to challenge themselves on routes used by professional cyclists, many people choose bike holidays to explore historic routes, enjoy a relaxed family break or simply to experience a different kind of holiday. Trips to Majorca or the Pyrenees are favoured by experienced road cyclists seeking out a challenge whilst routes through coastal paths in Asturias and cycle ways in Catalonia offer great settings for an active break.

Routes For All Abilities

Whether you want to replicate memorable routes from some of Spain’s most iconic bike races or simply opt for a more relaxed family ride to experience the Spanish countryside, cycling holidays in Spain offer options for all levels of ability. There is also the option to choose a pace that works for you. Spreading your cycling tour over more days can be a great way to tailor a ride to different ability levels. This is also a great way to reduce riding time providing the opportunity to explore each part of a route in more detail; a great choice on routes with historic significance such as the St James’ Way.

Popular Routes

Whether riding through northern Spain, challenging yourself with the winding mountain roads of Majorca or enjoying the idyllic greenways of Catalonia there are countless locations to enjoy rewarding and memorable cycling holidays throughout Spain. Some popular routes and locations for cycling holidays are included below.

Cols Of The Pyrenees

The Pyrenees have been the setting of countless memorable tour stages and with many professional riders using the steep climbs as a training ground, riding the Pyrenees’ mountain passes is the perfect challenge for advanced riders. Choosing this mountain route close to the border between North Spain and the South of France guarantees a rewarding experience riding mountain passes that professional cyclists train and race on.


Another challenging ride for advanced cyclists takes on the Traumantana hills in Majorca. With a good balance of flat plains and steep climbs, the varied terrain provides a great setting for a cycling holiday. The benefit in choosing to book a cycling holiday with a tour operator is that your luggage can be moved to new hotels throughout Majorca as you explore. The varied terrain means that there are plenty of routes for beginner and intermediate riders to enjoy throughout the island.

St James’ Way

Known in Spanish as Camino de Santiago, the St James’ Way tracks through Northern Spain offering varied scenery before arriving at the Santiago de Compostela. For intermediate riders, this 190 mile route, travelling from East to West, can be completed in 7 days. For a more relaxed ride choosing a longer trip can help make this iconic route viable for less experienced intermediate riders. Highlights include the historic Romanesque architecture set along this storied route.

Asturias Green Coast

For another intermediate ride in Northern Spain, this coastal route riding into Asturias is set against hilly ranges and sea views. A great choice for those wishing to explore Spanish cuisine, riding West along the coast into Asturia takes you through coastal villages as you approach the harbourside city of Gijón, a great place to book in a few extra days and explore.

Cycle Paths In Catalonia

The fantastic scenery and family-friendly cycle paths offered in Catalonia add to the reasons why this is the perfect summer destination for a relaxed, laid-back cycling holiday. With cycleways set away from roads, many of them converted from old railways, routes through the idyllic countryside of Catalonia are perfect for family holidays.

Rioja Wine Region

For intermediate riders, routes through the Rioja Wine Region provide a fantastic opportunity to discover this region of Spain. The hilly scenery and mountainous backdrops to this route offer plenty to explore. One highlight of this route includes cycling alongside the river Nejerilla, a tributary of the river Ebro which leads to the Monasteries of San Millán de la Cogolla, where many phrases in the modern Spanish and Basque languages were first written.


The regions surrounding the Southern city of Seville offer a wide range of classic routes for cycling holidays. One route for advanced-beginner and intermediate cyclists leaves the historic city following the Guadalquivir River to the port city of Cadiz. This unforgettable route follows the plain of the river encountering several Pueblo Blancos in the Cadiz region in which the buildings are whitewashed to help reduce the temperature inside in the summer. Booking a few extra days at the start of this trip in Seville provides a great opportunity to explore South Spain’s largest city.

El Cid

For advanced intermediate cyclists, this route begins in Riaza, neighbouring Sierra de Guadarrama. Riding through striking scenery in central Spain this route concludes with the striking architecture of Sigüenza, a city based in Guadalajara. Staying in this city for a couple of extra days allows the chance to take in some of the famous architecture including Sigüenza Castle, Sigüenza Cathedral and the Church of St James.

Segovia Mediaeval Villages

Another chance for intermediate cyclists to explore some of Spain’s historic architecture, Segovia is based around an hour from Madrid by train. With a range of architectural styles in the city, including Mediaeval, Romanesque and Gothic, the mediaeval villages surrounding the city are equally memorable. One of the highlights of this route is the Aqueduct of Segovia. With over 165 arches, this Roman aqueduct is visually striking, set to the mountainous terrain of the region.

Using A Tour Operator For Bike Holidays In Spain

There is a wide range of options to choose from when planning your bike holiday. Booking a cycling holiday with a tour operator is a popular choice as this means that there is less to worry about from a standpoint of organisation. Choosing a holiday package with luggage transfer, accommodation booked and GPS devices available with clear maps of the route means that your cycling holiday can run smoothly.

With a varied range of routes, opting for a cycling tour offers a truly unique way to experience Spain. Booking a few extra nights at the end of your holiday provides the opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed pace concluding a rewarding break. Discussing your group’s ability level and interests with a tour operator

Explore Our Range Of Cycling Tours In Spain

If you are looking for an active holiday, working with a tour operator can help ensure a memorable experience with minimal stress. At Hooked On Cycling & Walking we offer a wide range of self-guided cycling tours in Spain and throughout Europe. Our self-guided tours are tailored to a wide range of ability levels from family trips through the Catalonia cycleways to a more challenging route through Majorca by road bike. Explore our full range of self-guided Spain cycling tours today.

For more information on the wide range of different options from bike tours in Seville to Majorca cycling holidays, get in touch with our team today by emailing info@hookedoncycling.co.uk or filling out the enquiry form on our contact page.

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