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3 Easier Going Walking Holidays

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We have several easier going hiking holidays available, in a number of different countries. These holidays are great for beginners, but also the more experienced hiker who is just looking for a more relaxed holiday.

You can find these slow-walking holidays by visiting our easy walking holidays page.

Three Easier Going Hiking Holidays

Rugged French Coastline

Brittany – France

Brittany is a great place for a walking holiday. On this tour, you will be walking roughly 10 miles a day which means you can take your time and take in the scenery. The rugged coastline is made up of pretty much all pink granite, which is why our tour has its name. Over time and harsh weather the rocks have eroded which means the rocks have been left in unique formations.  You can view our Brittany tour page here.

Wine Trails of the Priorat – Spain

On our Wine Trails of the Priorat walking tour, you will follow the ancient paths and trails as you walk from village to village made famous by the local wines. If you want a walking holiday full of history, fantastic landscapes and most importantly the wines then this is the walking holiday for you!

Salzburg Lakes

Salzburg Lakes – Austria

The region where this tour is set is famous by the film made here called the Sound of Music. You will be met by the beautiful scenic region with its mountains and lakes. This area is also considered to be one of the most beautiful treasures on earth. It has also been recognized by UNESCO which has declared the region around Hallstatt as nature and world heritage site. See more information on our Salzburg Lakes tour here.

You can also view all our tours on the Tour Selector page where you can see other Level 1 tours.

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