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5 Reasons To Take A Bike & Boat Holiday

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bike & boat holiday is one of our most popular types of holidays that we have to offer. They can sell out months in advance, so if you are looking to go on a bike & boat holiday then we would advise you to book up well in advance, so you do not miss out on this great opportunity! Why are bike and boat holidays so popular? Read our top 5 reasons below on why you should book onto one of our bike and boat holidays.

5 Reasons To Take A Bike & Boat Holiday

No Need To Repack!

Unlike most of our cycling holidays, you won’t need to pack every morning as you stay for the duration of your trip on-board your “floating hotel”. This means you can relax and unpack knowing you don’t have to repack before heading out for your day’s cycle ride.

Meet New People

You will be able to sit down in the evenings and speak to the other guests on-board. When out during the day you may even cycle along with your new friends and form some great lasting friendships. It is a great way to spend time with like-minded people.

Have A Day Off

Don’t fancy cycling one day? Then stay on-board and enjoy the scenery from the deck. Once the ship docks you can then get off and enjoy exploring on foot before the other guests arrive back from their cycle ride.

Non Cyclist?

Do you have a non-cyclist with you? Then a bike and boat holiday is a great option for everyone. While you enjoy your day’s cycle ride the non-cyclist member of your party will stay on-board and join you later on in the day once the boat has docked again.

View The Landscapes From A Different Angle

While on a cycling holiday you would normally only get to see the landscapes from your bike while cycling along the roads/trails. However, on a bike & boat holiday, you get to see the landscape from the water’s edge. This will let you see landscapes from a different perspective for you to enjoy.

Our bike & boat holidays are a great experience for all cyclists, no matter what your cycling ability is. We can even accept children on some of our bike & boat holidays (age restrictions do apply).

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If you have any questions relating to a Bike & Boat holiday or you wish to book onto one then please get in touch.

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