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8 Exciting Cycling Holidays in England

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While many flock abroad to enjoy the sunshine for their holiday, a lot more are enjoying something a bit more closer to home. A cycling holiday combines a bit of exercise with travelling around the country, perfect for bikers of all ability, whether it be families or dedicated cyclists.

But what are some of the most exciting destinations for cycling holiday destinations in England? The team at Hooked On Cycling & Walking have put together this guide of 8 of the best. Read on to find out more.

Why Go On A Cycling Holiday?

One reason to go on a cycling holiday is to explore a wide range of places you’ll have never been before. A city break will see you exploring one setting, but a cycling holiday can take you hundreds of miles around an area, able to explore all it has to offer over a few days. You’ll explore diverse landscapes, ranging from urban areas to more rural villages, valleys and mountains. You could be by the beach one day and in the middle of the forest the next. The possibilities are endless.

They’re also great for your mental and physical health. A cycling holiday is great exercise, as you’ll almost constantly be on the move. Just make sure you get plenty of food, water and rest in between rides to keep your body at tip top condition. Cycling is a low impact sport, so there’s less risk of injury as you go about your vacation, with a lot of flat surfaces but also the opportunity to challenge yourself with hills and more difficult routes. Exercise and being outdoors is great for your mental health, so a cycling holiday combines them both.

You’ll also immerse yourself in the culture of a region, learning about rich histories you never had any idea about. If you’re from the city, exploring the countryside can be an eye-opening experience that you’ll never forget. You can also do this at your own pace, cycling fast if you want or taking a more laid back approach and enjoying the scenery.

A cycling holiday is also environmentally friendly. Instead of polluting the air by going on a plane or driving around on a road trip, you’ll be traversing a landscape on a vehicle that will have no impact on the environment, reducing your carbon footprint.

You can also be as sociable as you want. Go by yourself to enjoy a bit of time being self-sufficient, or reconnect with friends for an active break. Spend quality time with the whole family by going on child-accessible cycling holidays that have easier routes and shorter distances.

8 Biking In England Destinations

Here are Hooked On Cycling & Walking’s top picks for cycling holidays in England, including a few of our own biking tours.

Peak District

The Peak District is an ideal destination for cycling holidays, offering amazing wildlife, a variety of routes for all abilities and an interesting history. You can go on simple routes for the day, or multi-day routes for more experienced riders who want to explore more of the area.

There are options for if you want to do your own thing, or guided tours taking you to the highlights of the region.


Thousands travel to Cornwall each summer for the amazing weather, scenery and beaches. And many more come for the cycling holidays. There are plenty of trails to take, from the North Cornwall trail all the way down to the First & Last Trail that will deposit you at Lands End. Tempted to travel the whole County? Do so with ease on the over 200 miles of inter-linking trails that connect Bude to Lands End.

The Suffolk Heritage Coast

One of the great cycling holidays that Hooked on Cycling offers is our 7 night trip around Constable Country & the Suffolk Heritage Coast. This tour will take you through one of the hidden gems of England, the rural county of Suffolk. Step back in time and enjoy the views of thatched cottages, ancient castles, and marvels of mediaeval architecture, along with the stunning Heritage coastline.

The holiday includes 7 nights bed and breakfast and all of the routes and maps you will need to make your own way around the County made famous by the landscape painter John Constable. It’s a relaxing ride along mostly quiet country lanes and quaint flat countryside.

Overall the holiday will have you covering around 166 miles, as you depart from Ipswich, travel through amazing destinations such as Rickinghall and Westleton, before making your way back to Ipswitch at the end. This is a fairly easy bike ride, with some short climbs but mostly through flat areas.

Yorkshire Dales

A popular destination for cycling holidays is through the Yorkshire Dales. The Yorkshire Dales National Park is a sprawling route taking you through beautiful countryside and charming villages. The route takes a cyclist about two to six days depending on speed and ability, with the whole route being around 130 miles long if you’d like to experience the whole of the Yorkshire Dales Cycle Way.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hooked On Cycling are proud to offer two different cycling holidays centred around Hadrian’s Wall. The first is road cycling around the Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall. This is a seven-night self-guided vacation that will allow you to experience where the Romans constructed Hadrian’s Wall and choose from two beautiful loop rides around the Lake District National Park,

This holiday is best suited for experienced riders, covering between 330-340 miles depending on which route you take. The two separate routes will test your abilities, with a slightly easier route along the Derwent Water or a major climb through Kirkstone pass for the fittest riders. Whatever route you take you will experience amazing views, taking you through some of England’s most beautiful settings while exploring some of the great history of the region.

The second Hadrian’s Wall and Lake District cycling tour is slightly more accessible for riders than the first, taking in the best the region has to offer without some of the more difficult climbs. You’ll experience just over 200 miles of cycling as you journey from Carlisle to Keswick and back again.

Over this ride you’ll experience the beautiful vistas of the region, some of the oldest slate mines in the UK, Penrith castle and market towns such as Alston.

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight prides itself for being a very popular destination for cycling holidays, with some of the best scenery in the UK. It has around 200 miles of cycling tracks to explore for both beginners and experts. You can cycle all the way around the island in one day, or take on shorter routes that break the trip into a few days.

Some routes offer beautiful sea views, or you can go more off-road to explore different terrains. A lot of the Isle of Wight routes are suitable for family riding, so you can enjoy a holiday with your children.


A popular destination for cycling in the South East of England is Brighton. There are plenty of coastal routes to choose from, ranging from the top of cliffs to cycling alongside miles of beaches. There are plenty of easy rides to do, but also more experienced loops for riders with higher fitness levels. You can expect a lot of paved country roads, but also unpaved sections where more care has to be taken.


Another great cycling holiday that Hooked On Cycling offers is a journey through the picturesque Cotswolds. This is a self-guided, seven-night holiday that will allow you to explore the Tudor and Shakespearean background of the region. It will take you through stunning villages well known for how beautiful they are.

Over the holiday you’ll go from everywhere from Stratford-Upon-Avon to Burford to Stow-on-the-World, covering between 150 miles and 175 miles, depending on what route you decide to take. You can expect mostly quiet, country roads with mostly flat terrain interspersed with a few hilly sections.

Cycling Tours In England From Hooked On Cycling

So if you’re looking to go on a cycling holiday in England, book with Hooked On Cycling & Walking today. We have a great selection of self-guided and guided holidays, perfect for whatever your ability is. We’ve been working since 1997 to deliver great holidays to our clients in destinations all across Europe, including Portugal, Romania, Austria, Denmark and many more.

We have over 160 cycling tours and 100 walking tours across the UK so give us a call on 01506 635399 or email info@hookedoncycling.co.uk if you have any questions about our tours. Find out more about every one of our tours by visiting our website now to explore the selection.

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