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A Complete Guide To Road Cycling Holidays In Spain

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Spain is the largest country in Southern Europe and one of the largest in the European Union in general. It is a country surrounded by water, with parts of its territory in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. With a lovely climate and varied culture, it is no wonder that Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole world!

But what is the best way to experience it? Spain has a total area of over 500,000 km2 which is a ton of country to explore. And with amazing cities to explore such as Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona how are you meant to fit it all in?

One popular way to experience a wide variety of what the country has to offer is by going on a road cycling holiday in Spain. Here at Hooked On Cycling, we are on hand to help you out with the best self-guided hiking and biking tours across Europe, including Spain.

Read on for a helpful guide to road cycling holidays in Spain.

Why Choose A Road Cycling Holiday In Spain

Spain has millions of international tourists every year, mostly concentrated in the summer seasons but still seeing plenty of activity all year round. Here are some of the reasons why Spain is such a great destination.

Spain is full of some of the most stunning scenery in the world. It is a naturally beautiful country, full of mountains, beaches and expanses of land that are simply amazing to explore. Spain has literally hundreds of beaches to cycle past and explore. With the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea surrounding it, you can find beaches practically the whole length of Spain. Spain and France are bordered by the Pyrenees mountain range, as well as the Cantabrian Mountains in the north. These regions feature stunning natural scenery and impeccable views for you to explore.

Another reason people love to visit Spain is due to the rich history of the country. An Arabic conquest of Spain has left the country full of Moorish architecture which can be found throughout mainly the southern regions. Some of the biggest cities in Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona are packed full of history for you to take the time to peruse. There are plenty of museums on offer, or even simply walking/cycling around the cities is a great way to discover all the place has to offer.

The culture is another big reason why people visit Spain. Spanish festivals normally take place throughout the year, drawing visitors just to experience them. There are festivals with deeper religious meanings, while some are designed simply to have fun! Spain’s contribution to the world of art is unparalleled, so be sure to check out some of the major art galleries to see work from contemporary art legends such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

The food in Spain is also top-notch. It is very rich and varied, with concepts and traditions changing based on where you are in the country. Ingredients will vary, but you can expect plenty of olives, cured meats, seafood, fresh fish and wine to be on offer. The classic paella, tapas and sangria will probably be readily available, but make sure to sample regional and local dishes.

Where To Go

Madrid Explorations

People love to visit Madrid when they visit Spain. The food there is to die for, with amazing tapas served throughout the city. As well as this, the architecture is stunning, such as the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Sabatini Gardens and the Puerta del Sol. Madrid is also known for its shopping, with plenty of high-street, luxury and independent boutiques to visit.As the capital of Spain, it is a popular starting spot for many cycling holidays, as you can start journeying in any direction to discover all the country has to offer

Cycling Holidays In Seville

Seville is another incredibly popular destination to visit in Spain, located in the South side of the country. It is the capital of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia and has a rich history that attracts plenty of visitors each year. It is located on the Guadalquivir River, and combining this with the Arabic influences in the architecture has cemented it as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

It is the birthplace of flamenco and has plenty to offer while you’re visiting. Cycling tours in and around Seville will explore the stunning Andalusian region, which features picturesque beaches, Moorish fortresses and tranquil small towns to explore.


Catalonia is another autonomous community in Spain, lying to the south of the Pyrenees mountain range and northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. The largest city in this region is Barcelona, with a rich cultural heritage that doubles as a popular tourist destination. There is plenty to explore in Barcelona, from the Sagrada Família to the beautiful beaches.

Cycling tours in the Catalonia area are very popular due to the amount of coastline it has. The picturesque views of the Balearic Sea are the perfect backdrop to a bike ride, while the Pyrenees in the North are ideal for those looking to do some mountain biking.

Menorca & Majorca

Another popular destination in Spain, well across the sea from the main part of Spain, is Majorca and Menorca. They are both a part of The Balearic Islands, an archipelago in the Balearic Sea which also consists of Ibiza, Formentera and a series of minor islands. Both of these islands offer turquoise waters, sunny days and a range of coves/beaches.

They are popular choices for cycling holidays as they are not too big, so you can easily explore the whole of the islands on your holiday. Menorca is the smaller of the two, offering a much quieter holiday, while Majorca is a more popular destination and has 550 km of coastline to admire as you ride.

Our Cycling Holidays In Spain

Now that you’ve found out a bit more about Spain and why to visit, here is a small selection of Hooked On Cycling’s cycling holidays we offer.

Island of Menorca Tour

This cycling vacation will take you to the island of Menorca for seven nights. It is a self-guided tour that will take you through mostly minor roads as you take in forests, agricultural fields, coves and bays. It is a fairly easy ride, so is suitable for individuals as well as families. Included is stays in hotels every evening, so you just have to worry about enjoying your holiday and then getting a good night’s sleep each night!

The Greenways of Catalonia

The Girona Greenways are a great place to visit if you fancy a family-friendly cycling holiday. It is quite a flat route, divided into plenty of short rides which are perfect for riders who aren’t so confident or to accommodate a child’s fitness level.  It will take you through plenty of cool scenery such as forests, river marshes and even volcanic areas. The Greenways are safe to ride on as the use of motor-powered vehicles is forbidden.

Cycle The Trails Of Rioja Wine Region

The Rioja Wine Region is an excellent 7-night tour that we offer. You’ll go through the Sierra de la Demanda, starting in Burgos and following a disused rail track adapted into a cycle route that will take you through the wine region of Rioja. The last three days will have you cycling along quiet country lanes that are surrounded by vineyards, allowing you to sample some of the iconic wines as you go.

Majorca By Road Bike

This cycling tour will take you all over the island of Majorca, from the plains to the hills. Over seven nights you will tour the island, exploring small villages and some of the bigger towns. You’ll also cover a lot of distance not primarily visited by tourists, instead getting inland views from the top of mountain roads.

Book Today With Hooked On Cycling

Now that you’ve found out a bit more about Spain in general and the holidays that Hooked On Cycling offers, it’s time to book today! We have a great selection of cycling holidays in Spain available to our customers that will take you across the length and breadth of the country.

As well as Spain, we offer holidays in many countries throughout Europe, including cycling holidays in France, England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Greece and much more.

If you’d like to find out any more information about the tours we have available for our customers, feel free to contact us today so we can help you get started on your road cycling holiday journey!

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