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Exploring Bavaria by Bike

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Bavaria is a beautiful part of Germany to explore by bike. If you remember watching the movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you may remember seeing a white castle that the car flew over? If you do, then this is a real castle in Bavaria.

Exploring Bavaria by Bike

Castle Neuschwanstein is in Schwangau which is near the town of Fussen. Fussen is a popular tourist destination and is very picturesque. The castle was built for King Ludwig II, who was also known as the Fairytale King. This is a truly stunning medieval castle, that looks like it has come literally out of a storybook.

Castle in Bavaria

Neuschwanstein was ahead of its times with flushing toilets, and air heating system to name a few. The king wanted this castle to be a masterpiece and still isn’t complete to this day. To reach the castle there is a hill to climb. However, you could take one of the horse and carriages (paid locally) to get you to the top/back down.

From Castle Neuschwanstein, you can also walk up to the Queen Mary’s Bridge (name after the King’s mother) for a fabulous view of the castle and its surroundings. It is very popular with tourists, so this can be busy at times.

Lake near castle neuschwanstein

If the look of the castle wasn’t quite a fairytale enough for you, then you will find the surrounding landscapes truly magical. The castle looks over the Hohenschwangau valley and from some of the windows, you can see Lake Alpsee with its stunning blue waters.

Close by you will find another Castle built by King Ludwig II father. King Ludwig II spent his childhood at this castle and then later using it as his summer residence. This is called Hohenschwangau Castle. After his father died, he decorated the rooms to his taste. From living at Hohenschwangau he got the inspiration to build Castle Neuschwanstein.

King Lugwigs Castle

If times allows you can try fit in a visit to both. Remember tickets sell out fast and are timed entry so make sure to research more about tickets before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

Both castles you can visit on our Castles of Bavaria cycle tour but remember to take your camera, you might only see these castles once in a lifetime and a photo or two is a must.

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