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In April, I took a second visit to our Lake Garda Cycle Resort, based in Peschiera del Garda, on the southern shores of Lake Garda in North Italy. This time I had my bike so I was ready for riding. Sue also came along for the Recce weekend! We flew into Bologna airport and decided to hire a car, mainly because of my bike, we could have flown into Verona (nearest airport), Venice or Milan as well. We could have also taken the train from Bologna as the local train station is only 200m from the hotel.

Cycling in Lake Garda

Our Weekend Visit At The Lake Garda Cycle Resort

On arrival we received a friendly welcome, the hotel facilities were explained, we were also told where the secure bike room was and we headed upstairs to our room. This was a lovely contemporary styled room overlooking the garden, outdoor swimming pool and outside terrace.

That evening we took a look at the hotel notice board at the rides the next day, the fast group, was heading up the highest mountain in the region at 1700m, 2nd group was going halfway up and the slowest group heading through the local vineyards.

Now the time of for dinner, well we had 4 courses to choose from and a fabulous selection of wine. The hotel is owned and run by one family and it is Mama that rules the Kitchen! The food was exquisite, at that time I contemplated that I might be going back home heavier than when I arrived.

Morning arrived and we headed out at 9am, the first thing I noticed was how pretty the landscape was, and the colours so vivid. The guide started to explain that the region is pretty famous for its wines and explained a little about how the different wines were produced at different altitudes. Soon a coffee stopped approached, the guide informed us that the climb would soon start. As we headed up the lower slopes the guide explained how the valley was famous for this marble production, we then took a sharp left bend to be met with a 10% gradient, the climb had started! 45 minutes later and we rode into the hilltop town, well not exactly, we were halfway, time for another coffee before the final section, we were told there would be a 1km of gravel (the Giro race had used this climb a few times) This gravel was hard, difficult to get traction and it was welcomed once we met the tarmac again, a sweeping fast descent then came before turning towards the summit, a stop at the mountain hut at 1700m was welcomed. A fast 20 mile descent then followed before the ride back.

View in Lake Garda

That afternoon we walked the short 800m into the main town, Peschiera del Garda is a stunning town to take a look around, it was one of the prettiest I have seen. The town is surrounded by water and a high wall, lots of little streets, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Back to the hotel and another beautiful dinner, Sue decided this time just for a main course and dessert!

After a good night’s sleep, it was time to take on more calories via the buffet breakfast, plenty of choices, fruit, hot food, cereals, bread and pastries.

Today’s ride was going to be more undulating but a strong wind made the outgoing section tougher than it should have been. Again our cycling guide explained a little bit of the local history, the region was the scene of many battles between the Austrian empire and Italian warlords. Again all 3 rides went to the same end location but taking different routes when our faster group arrived the slower groups had already arrived at the town’s destination.

We really enjoyed our weekend, the Lake Garda Cycle Resort for certain is a superb cycling area but also great for families if they also came along while mum or dad went out cycling. There is so much to see and do, and all pretty local to the hotel.

I am sure we shall think of another excuse soon to take a return visit, cycle and explore the region more.

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