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Discover Lucca, The Walled City in Tuscany

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Situated on the River Serchio in Tuscany, Italy is the city of Lucca. It is famous for its Renaissance-era walls which surround the city. The area of most interest to visitors is still enclosed within the old city defensive wall. There are 100 churches within the city so exploring on foot or by bike is a must. Okay, you will more than likely need more than one day if you wish to see more than a couple.

The Famous Oval City Square on a Sunny Day in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

This walled city in Tuscany has so much history at the tip of your fingertips, then you need to make sure you plan your visit to get the most out of your time in Lucca. If you wanted to explore Lucca on foot then GPS My City is a great website to check out. Here you can download the app to your phone and then use the handy self-guided walks to explore the top sights.

Lucca Top Sights To See In A Day

The Walls

This walled city in Italy is a great way to see the city from another perspective. The walls are wide enough that you can walk and/or cycle on them (4km round trip). As you walk around the walls, you can stop off along the way in the Botanical gardens

View over Lucca the walled city in Tuscany

Lucca Cathedral (Duomo) – Cattedrale di San Martino

As mentioned before there are a lot of churches in Lucca. However, the Lucca Cathedral is very pretty and worth the visit. Its interior has beautiful paintings and the architecture make it visually perfect to look at. You can as well climb the bell tower, but if you don’t have a head for heights then it may be best to just explore the interior only. It is also located near to the Botanical gardens which I mentioned above.

Guinigi Tower – Torre Guinigi

Guinigi Tower is not hard to miss as it has trees growing on the roof. If you want a 360 view of Lucca, then you should head here. There is an entrance fee, but it isn’t huge and it is well worth the view. It is said the family who built the tower, planted the trees at the top so that it was the tallest building in Lucca.

Once you have visited our top sights to see in Lucca, you can then find a café to sit and relax. Maybe even enjoy a spot of lunch while watching the world go by.

Lucca, Itália / Lucca, Italy

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First Published Dec 2013

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