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Trip Report: Tyrol Treasures Walking Holiday near Innsbruck

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I (Sammie) recently went on our Tyrol Treasures walking holiday near Innsbruck in Austria, to re-walk some of our existing routes and also walk some new routes for you to enjoy. My walking buddy for the week was my 7-year-old son, who has walked several of our walking holidays with us over the years. By taking my son with me while out hiking, I get to see how suitable walks would be for children as well as adults.

hiker looking at the view

Our walking holiday in Austria is graded as a level 2-3 tour which for complete beginners is a more difficult tour. However, my son coped pretty well with the routes we just stopped more often and ate lots of food. There is also the option to make several of the walks more demanding which is ideal for people who have more experience walking.

Trip Report: Tyrol Treasures Walking Holiday near Innsbruck

On this particular walking holiday, you can fly into Innsbruck airport and take the taxi directly to the hotel. This is roughly 25 euros and takes approx 20 minutes before you arrive at the beautiful village of Igls. The village of Igls is perfect for exploring on foot for your daily walks as it is set away from the busy city of Innsbruck. You can enjoy the mountainous scenery while staying in our chosen 4-star hotel. Igls has several cafes and restaurants for you to eat at (or you could head down to Innsbruck) and also a grocery store where you can purchase items for a picnic if you wanted one for your walk.

mountain view in Austria

young boy posing on a mountain trail

Hiking Trails To Enjoy

On our first walking day, we decided we would do two walks. Our morning walk was our village walk which we rewalked and added a few extra sections in to make the walk slightly longer. This isn’t a taxing walk, it is pretty flat with a few uphill sections (but not long). By rewalking this route we have added in the option for you to be able to walk down to Ambras Castle which you can visit before coming back and finishing the route off. As we had left the hotel early to beat the midday heat we reached the hotel in time for a spot of lunch.

By mid-afternoon, we set off again on our second route for the day which is a new route. This walk leaves the hotel and heads up through the forest towards one of the mountain huts where you can enjoy the food or just a nice cold drink before heading back down into Igls.

mother and son out hiking

young hiker on a trail

Day Two Of Walking

Our second days walking involved taking the cable car to the top station and walking mostly downhill to several mountain huts along the way. This is one of the great walks we have available due to the beautiful views you get to see along the way. Walking along the Alm route you get to walk on various different paths from forest paths to smaller hiking trails which really make this walk enjoyable.

Mountain church

Day Three Of Walking

Day 3 of our walking trip seen us walk a slightly different route to our Igls to Sistrans walk. We have now made it a loop walk all the way back to Igls with the option to walk to Sistrans if you want to visit and catch the bus back. Making this walk into a loop walk saves you waiting on buses especially if it is hot.

cattle on mountain trail

Day Four Of Walking

The last walk of our time in Austria was our Alpine Pastures hike. This hike involves taking the cable car to the top station and walking part of the Zirbenweg before turning off and walking around the top loop of the mountain. There is some uphill involved. However, you are rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding area. The path is quite narrow so you will need your steadiness about you if you wish to go on this hike. Once you have done the top loop of the walk you can decide to walk back to the cable car to go down or walk down back to the hotel yourself. There are so many possibilities for this walking holiday.

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Rest Day

If you book onto our 7-night tour, then you can take as many rest days as you like…or none if you want to enjoy walking each day. There is plenty to do in the area, all of which are easily accessible by public transport.

If you are looking for a relaxing walking holiday with the option for rest days or even want to extend walks to make them more challenging then this is an ideal walking holiday. Head over to our main website for our Tyrol Treasures walking holiday where you can enjoy 4 or 7 nights in the wonderful Tyrol region.

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