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Top 5 Walking Holidays in the Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean is a great place to take a walking holiday. We have a number of walking holidays available however below are our top picks for walking holidays with some warmer weather. Check out individual country pages or our tour selector for more options.

Our Top 5 Walking Holidays in the Mediterranean


If you are looking for walking holiday which has great local cuisine available, lots of bird life, wine, and easy walks with beautiful scenery then our Glimpse of Sardinia tour could just be what you are looking for.


Explore the little known Madonie Mountains which lie in the shadow of Mt Etna (the highest Sicilian Peak) and feel like you have stepped back in time. The locals use the land to work and live from and the area is very beautiful to walk through. On our walking holiday, you will walk from Petralia Sottana down to the sea at Cefalù.


Majorca is a fantastic island for a walking holiday. You will find beautiful scenery and decent weather pretty much all year round. Our walking holiday in Majorca explores the beautiful Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range. A great way to explore the area on your next walking holiday and there are plenty of places to visit.

Naxos Gate

Cyclades Islands

Want to explore more than one place on your holiday, but still be able to relax and unwind? Then the Cyclades could just be for you. Our tour is graded as a Level 2-3 tour so it is slightly more challenging but you will be rewarded with spectacular views and lots of history and culture to soak up.


The greenest and most authentic of the beautiful Balearic Islands. This walking holiday is the perfect place to see the true beauty if life. You will see deep blue bays, white sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs and rolling hills. Explore on foot this beautiful island and unwind. Check out our Menorca Walking Holiday

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