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Self Guided Cycling Holidays and Tours in Germany

Welcome to Hooked on Cycling Holidays and our self guided cycling Holidays in Germany. We have some fabulous biking vacations in Germany. We have family bike tours, self guided tours for couples and groups and bike and barge trips. We have self led tours in various regions, such as the Moselle valley, down the River Rhine, along the River Main, in Bavaria and a themed tour of Bavarian Beer! Our tour in the Czech Republic also finishes in Dresden, Germany.Cycling holiday in Germany

BAVARIA LAKES – Bavaria - 7 nights, level 2.
Cycling on beautiful cycle paths and minor roads you will explore the Lakes of Bavaria by bike. You will experience secluded river valleys and high mountain scenes, this is the true Bavaria a relaxed way of life full of culture and traditions.

MOSELLE RIVER - River Moselle Cycle way - 5 or 7 nights, level 2.
The vineyard lined Moselle valley provides a uniquely inviting setting for our cycle tour from Metz (7 nights) or Trier (5 nights) to Koblenz. Sample the rich fruity wines after your days ride then walk around the ancient narrow lanes and splendid avenues of the Moselle’s villages and historic cities.

BIKE AND BARGE - MOSELLE AND SAAR RIVERS - Bike and barge along the Moselle River - 7 nights, level 1
Imagine taking a bike and barge trip down the Moselle and Saar rivers between Koblenz and Saarburg.  During the day gentle rides along the cycle ways while the boat moves to your next port of call. If you do not wisCycling holiday in Germanyh to cycle, they relax on board.

SOUTHERN RHINE - Heidelberg to Strasbourg - 7 nights, level 1-2
Follow the Rhine upstream as you cycle through this wine growing region. The Romans introduced it here during their occupation. Also admire the historical monuments that the German Emperors left in Worms, Speyer and Strasbourg. A delight of wine, culture and yes cycling!

THE BEER TOUR - 6 nights, level 2.
You cannot tour Germany without thinking about Beer with is grand October-fest but why not follow the Beer cycle route, which almost 1 brewery per kilometre! It’s not all about the brown liquid though medieval towns such as Rothenburg, Nuremberg and Bamberg and ready to be explored.

THE RIVER MAIN - The Main River Cycling Holiday - 6 or 8 nights, level 2.
On the River Main a long and changing history has left many fortresses, monasteries, churches and chapels. On your cycle tour you will find unique cities and the old Imperial residence of Bamberg and Wrzburg or the half-timberedCycling holiday in Germany Miltenberg, delights not to be missed.

LAKE CONSTANCE AND THE DANUBE - Lake Constance to Bavaria  - 7 nights, level 2.
Lake Constance and the River Danube are well known but the region between the two is well worth exploring, a nice mixture of peaceful natural surroundings and busy city life with international style.

FAIRYTALE CASTLES OF BAVARIA - 7 nights, level 2-3.
This tour takes you form Lake Constance to Munich through Bavaria, on route you will pass several world famous Bavarian Castles such as the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles. Taking the Lake Constance-Lake Königsee cycle path you enjoy high mountain landscapes.

MUNICH TO SALZBURG CYCLE TOUR - 7 nights, level 2.
Discover the great Bavarian Lakes by bike while you cycle between the two great cities. Many typical traditions and cuisine waits you which are unique to Bavaria. You destination Salzburg is a must to explore, this Mozart city can be full of classical music some evenings.

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